An outgrowth of mold at home may not only destroy things but cause illnesses ranging from mild to sever. The professional restoration team at Mr. and Mrs. Restore is experienced in the field of Mold Remediation providing effective mold testing, prevention and removal.

Learning more about mold classifications, but more importantly their effect on YOUR health, may help urge you to be more cautious and aware of the importance of maintaining a risk-free environment. Here are top 3 risky types of mold to watch out for in your Florida home or business.


This common mold sprouting around certain properties, the Aspergillus can actually cause severe reactions. Some of its adverse effects are respiratory infections, allergic reactions, and inflamed lungs. In case this mold type is not eradicated in your home, a dangerous condition may develop.


Typically found on wooden furniture, painted walls, and wallpaper. It’s appearance can be seen as black and pink splotches. According to studies, this type of mold is the worst type since it affects homeowners by intensive allergic reactions.


Usually found in the sink, shower, and dark areas at home, the Alternaria mold threatens homeowners with an asthma attack and allergic reactions. It could be commonly found both indoors and outdoors.

If you believe you have a mold situation in your home or office, please do not delay in contacting someone. Every day you delay is another day that the potentially hazardous mold can multiply and expand the damaged area resulting in a more costly repair fee. If it gets bad enough, it may even result in the temporary closure of your business.

Rest assured our damage restoration team is available 24 hours a day and will respond to your needs 365 days a year. Don’t delay, give Mr. and Mrs. Restore a call at (833) 379-6691