Many people may not know that drywall actually wicks up water. Even more unknown, is drywall can wick up water even if water has never touched it!

Drywall absorbs water not only from contact with water, but it absorbs water from the air. This is why it is very important to have your drywall inspected and evaluated if you have had any water flooding/standing water in your home or business. We experienced these types of conditions recently in St. Lucie County, Florida with the heavy rains and flooding last week.

Here’s some frequently answered question’s on water damage in drywall:

  • How quickly does water wick into the drywall? Water can wick into the drywall from water contact or from the air as quickly as 1 inch an hour. That means if the water sat in your house for only one day, it can absorb into your drywall as far as two feet away.
  • What does water do to the drywall? Water damage will cause drywall to warp, buckle or sag. This is very dangerous because this can affect the structural integrity of the drywall and even cause the drywall to collapse.
  • How long does it take for mold or mildew to develop? Research has shown that mold can start growing within 24 to 48 hours from contact (or absorption) of the water. Exposure to mold can be unhealthy for your family, so quick response to this is necessary to keep the mold growth from getting out of hand and damage repair costs to a minimum.

If you have had recent flooding or exposure to water on interior of your Naples area home, take action immediately! The longer you wait, the more damage will result which may increase your repair costs. Call the fast acting water damage restoration specialists here at Mr. and Mrs. Restore headquartered in Naples, Florida (833) 379-6691